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Water Jet: High Precision Cutting Performance!

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Dericks Sheet Metal provides Water Jet Precision Cutting services for our customers. This technology allows our shop to cut detailed designs from CAD, Hand Drawings, PDF or image files to the desired size and scale. We have professional trained engineers that operate the water jet cutting table and are able to cut from stock materials we have or that are provided.

What We Can Do:

The Water Jet allows our shop to be able to cut metal to the finest detail on the market. With a 12 degree angling cutting head that uses tilt compensation for the tapered water stream. This feature allows cutting to be accurate up to the one thousandth of an inch while providing clean square edges. The software that the engineers have been trained to use allows us to take CAD drawings as well as redraw/render other formats to cut your project with accuracy. Unlike plasma cutting the Water Jet leaves a clean finish that allows for better edges to weld with and is much more consistent in cut quality. From fancy lettering, complex shapes, to industrial frame and part cutting Dericks Sheet Metal will be able to cut up to 6 inches thick of just about any material including lexan, silicone, wood, and metal.

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