Technology: We Have The Tools To Create!

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Welding Services:

Whether it is MIG, TIG, Stick or Spot welding, at Dericks Sheet Metal we can do it all in the shop or on site. We have experienced mechanics who have been welding for 20+ years. As metal fabricators we have the knowledge, practice and attention to details to use the right metal for the job and perform a clean, durable weld.

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Shop Inventory:

Not only do we build at our shop, but we also keep stock inventory on site to make sure that we can provide the fastest service. We have racks of sheet metal (10 ft by 4 ft) from 26 gauge to 1/2 in in Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminum and Diamond¬† Plate. On our other racks we have lengths of flat bar, round stock, angle stock metal ready to be cut down to size. In the front of the shop we have a full range of hardware and parts such as nuts, Bolts, washers, handles, wheels etc… for all the job installations. And if we don’t have it in the shop we can get rushed shipping of the metal, hardware and parts that are needed from our suppliers.

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