Services: Dericks Sheet Metal Works Inc.


Dericks Sheet Metal Works has three distinct avenues in our services, in order to provide meet customer interests. The Dericks Sheet Metal Department is devoted to engineering custom metal fabrication for industrial and residential projects throughout the Tri-state area. Industries we receive most calls from, are pharmaceutical, food production, and mechanical factories for industrial line repair and innovation to keep up with work & safety standards. Residential projects range from interior renovations to home owners that want unique metal furnishing. Dericks Sheet Metal works hard to deliver what the customer is looking for with best intentions on quality engineering.


In the engineering department we have a team that can design from the ground up based off of measurements, functionality of design, and overall aesthetic look. We can draft by hand and in CAD as well as work from drawings and measurements from the customer. Dericks Sheet Metal understands the differences in metal and its capabilities to make sure that the project withstands its intended use. After creating a design with the customer and assembling, we have a crew that can deliver and make a clean installation.

Herman Metal Fabricators: HVAC


Herman Metal Fabricators is dedicated team in our shop and on the road for building and installing duct work for HVAC purposes. The engineers work with the site coordinators to figure out efficient duct layout design from blueprints using CAD layouts. From there we are able to quickly manufacture and put up all the Duct work insulated or uninsulated at the customers location.

Ferrous Designs: Artistic Design

Ferrous thumbnail1

 Ferrous Designs is our online storefront for custom metal fabricating for the residential and commercial industry. We provide excellent services from custom counter tops and furniture design. From repairs to innovative additions we can build all your metal needs.

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